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A 4×4/off road trail to the Bullion King Mine-Chapter 2

The Narrow section on this 4x4 trail

Rough, Dangerous and Extremely Narrow 4×4 trail!

Climb, Climb, Climb you go and soon the 4×4 trails is about to break Timberline, so take note of a turn off to the right/branch in the road.   You will recognize it by how steep it drops, but remember this, as this is how you are going to cut over to Black Bear Pass on your way back.

“Rough, Dangerous and Extremely Narrow Road Ahead”

But at this time we keep climbing up the 4×4 trail:


You will often see vehicles parked in this area.  I am not sure why folks would park when there is a perfectly good 4×4 trail ahead, maybe this sign that states “Rough, Dangerous and Extremely Narrow road ahead, travel not recommended”has something to do with it?  Yes there is a 10 foot section coming up that I recommend you stay a little focused, but don’t let it deter you!

Rough,Dangerous and Extremely narrow 4x4 trail

Rough, Dangerous and Extremely narrow 4×4 trail!

If you got to meet someone on this 4×4 trail, this is the spot!

Spotting for traffic on this 4x4 trail.

Spotting for traffic on this 4×4 trail.

Just past the tight spot on the 4×4 trail there is a corner to the right, heading back into Porphyry Gulch, at that corner you can view the road up into the Gulch.  If you have to meet someone for the next 1/4 mile, this is the best spot so take a second to spot anyone coming before you proceed.  The gold mine, waterfall and rock-hounding are now just minutes away on this 4×4 trail.

The 4×4 Trail  Adventure into the San Juan Mountains of Colorado Continues here!

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