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Jeep Comanche-Our new Adventure Rig

The new 1988 Jeep Comanche.

I am so excited, especially after my mechanic Cody Myers took one look at the engine and said, no wonder it was running so rich, the idiot who put the rather new looking 4.0 6 cylinder in this Jeep Comanche forgot to run a vacuum line to the M.A.P.P sensor.  Wow what a difference that made, now she runs like a raped Banchi (or however that saying goes).

I have been looking for a Jeep Comanche for months.

I have been looking for an affordable Jeep Comanche for about 6 months, not sure why this particular rig got stuck in my head?  My daughter has a Jeep Cherokee of the same year that I drive rather often and I have been very impressed with the power that the 4.0 6 banger produces, the great fuel mileage (from a Suburban guy’s point of view), the reliability and 4×4 ability, yet I need a truck as I have to use my Rig to haul my water to my house, on top of all the other necessity’s needed to keep our remote home afloat.

210 gallons of water squats the Jeep Comanche down a bit, but it actually hauls it nicely.

210 gallons of water squats the Jeep Comanche down a bit, but it actually hauls it nicely.

Working out the kinks in the Jeep Comanche.

This is the first of many posts as I work out many of the kinks that my new Jeep Comanche has, but as just stated the first major one was overcome when Cody plugged in the Vacuum Line to the M.A.P.P sensor and all the sudden it jumps from about 7 mpg and stalling and sputtering to around 20 mpg and running like a champ.  While I had Cody’s full attention he also replaced the O2 sensor, which was coal black from running so rich and he replace the Harmonic Dampener which was beginning to show its age.  He also discovered that somebody (It has a bit of a mysterious background) had swapped in a Dane 44 rear end and apparently installed a Air Locker that still needs plugged into a compressor.  The Kid (is what I refer to him as) also installed a rather stout lifted suspension that includes dual shocks on the front and some 31 inch Super Swampers, well 3 anyway and one Yokohama.  I am debating whether to wear these out or go ahead and get some more highway friendly tires for her as the whopa whopa on the pavement is driving me nuts!

Stay tuned for the Jeep Comanche Build

So please stay tuned or comment some advice as I tackle this Jeep Comanche project.  Next on the list is to swap out all the fluids for Amsoil Synthetics, this is always the first thing on my list as I have been a faithful fan of Amsoil for over ten years and it has never let me down.  The stereo is also high on my list for traveling sakes, a rear bumper, maybe with a built in air tank, and deciding on the tires.  But stay tuned as the Jeep Comanche project begins!

The Jeep Comanche on its first trip to its new home!

The Jeep Comanche on its first trip to its new home!

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