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Stars of the San Juans 2018 Calendar


Mike and I struggled for a name for the Calendar we where producing of the Milky Way with Iconic landmarks in the San Juan Mountains, and we finally decided  “Stars of the San Juans” was the perfect name.  See there are not only Stars in the Sky, but the landmarks we choose are also Stars in their representation of the San Juan Mountains.

Was a real adventure we had stumbling around in the middle of the night to capture these amazing shots, placing a light under Bridal Veil Falls at 2:00am was a teeth chattering experience and the climb to the bottom of the Trout

Mike of Flying Rotors setting up for a Time Lapse.

Lake Trestle was a bit sketchy also, but it was well worth in in retrospect because the results are spectacular!

11×8.5 Calendar is available!

We had these 11×8.5 Calendars custom printed and their quality is amazing, and we set up a Facebook Store as the place to safely purchase one.  We are charging $22 ea and this includes shipping.

It was cold under that Fall!!!

We took a variety of Iconic Landmarks to include the Yankee Girl Headframe, probably the most photographed structure in the San Juans, and we just added a unique addition to that reputation. Several views of good old Mount Sneffels, as he is just the Grand Daddy of them all!  Couldn’t even think of forgetting Chimney Rock or the Duke would roll over in his grave. We did our best in the short period of time we had to represent the whole area around Ouray and Silverton Colorado, but because I was busy around Telluride, it got

Fill you hands you Som a Bitch!!!

a bit extra attention, to include a view of the town from the Mill Creek Road overlook!

The Trout Lake Trestle

We had a lot of fun filming the DRGS Railway Trestle near Trout Lake Colorado. We wanted to capture this interesting structure with the Milky Way, which turned into a grand adventure, but I have never seen this view before I must admit.

Writing the side columns proved also to be a fun task, being the perpetual tour guide that I am, you get a little different perspective on these Landmarks that you wont get from most San Juan writings.




during the planning stage


The awesome result!





Order you own Calendar today!

This is the link to buy your “STARS of the SAN JUANS” 2018 Calendar on the secure Facebook store!

Mike getting a feel for the Trout Lake R.R. Water Tank!

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