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The Off-Road Highway to Heaven, Kendall Mt, Silverton Colo!

kendall mountain 4x4 offroad trail near Silverton Colorado

The 4×4 trail up Kendall Mountain


To tell the truth I was a bit anxious about driving this particular 4×4 road located near Silverton, Colorado.  Partially because of the photo located in the headline above.  There is just something about this view, that just makes you stand back and think Holy Sh_ _ !   I have headed up this off-road trail a couple of times on tour but usually ran short of time about Timberline, and, not knowing how much further it was, turned back.   Working tours out of Telluride tends to limit what I can explore around Silverton, Colorado but I usually try to explore one side road whenever I do a LONG all day trip in that direction.   But this road has always been on my Bucket List (really, check it out)!


Almost to the Top of the Kendall Mt 4×4 road

John and his JK Jeep on Kendall Mountain 4x4 road

John and his JK Jeep on Kendall Mountain 4×4 road near Silverton, Colorado!


So after finally almost making it to the top of the Kendall Mt 4×4 road near Silverton, Colo  with John Dixon, close enough to walk because of a snow field, as part of our grand adventure, I saw for myself that this was a real doable off-road trail.  But it was all the way in August  right before the Telluride Film Fest that I was able to put together a trip with my Film Fest regulars Diane and Lynda to include a trip to the top of Kendall Mountain near Silverton, Colo!


How to find the Kendall Mountain off road trail near Silverton CO.


the turn off for Kendall Mountain 4x4 off road trail

The turn off for this 4×4 Road is between this sign-


Silverton Colo 4x4 off rod

And this Building, the Silverton, Colo Town Hall I believe!


If you are coming in to Silverton, Co from Highway 550, you will be turning right on 14th street just past the city building.  Then straight until you cross the Animas River on a Bridge, then follow the road to the right up the side of the mountain.

Butter and Eggs Wild Flowers

Kendal Mountain Silverton Wildflowers

Butter and Eggs Wildflowers

Before you start to climb there is a good chance you will view some Butter and Eggs Wildflowers, that is truly a Yellow Wild Snapdragon.

What I like best about exploring 4×4/off-road trails.

I love exploring 4×4/offroad trails because of what you see just around the next turn, and if this is for the first time all the better.  So around the next corner we find, WTF!  Is this a old railroad car?  I do remember as a kid that railroads used to have sales of old stock and folks would turn them into Cabins,storage sheds etc.  The caboose was the best catch as they would make a great cabin.

kendall mountain 4x4 road Rail Car

WTF is this Railroad Car doing up this 4×4 road?

rr car on 4x4 off road kendall mountain silverton colorado

Are you ready to move in?

Up and Up the offroad trail

So just keep heading up, as the Mountain Gazette likes to say  “when in doubt, go higher” until you find the Y in the road way above Timberline and at a significant old mine portal.  This is where the 4×4/off-road trail makes a hard left, then up a tight S turn as you start the last pull to the top.  This little squiggly section is the most difficult part of this whole trip and you will see that it isn’t all that hard after all.


The Kendall Mountain 4×4/off-road Trail above Silverton, Colorado continues soon!

the 4x4 offroad Road up to Kendall Mountain

Just past the Y on the Kendall Mountain 4×4/off-road trail near Silverton Colorado!

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Mine portal on the Kendall Mountain 4x4 road near Silverton Colorado

The Mine Portal at the Y on the Kendall Mt 4×4 road!

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