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Then and Again Photography-Telluride & The New Sheridan

Telluride Colorado and the New Sheridan

The Then and Again Photography Collection featuring downtown Telluride, Colorado and the New Sheridan Hotel.

Telluride Colorado and New Sheridan Hotel

An early view of downtown Telluride, Colorado and the New Sheridan Hotel, note the 2 story attached to the 3 story!

This is one of my favorite subjects, the New Sheridan and the classic view of downtown Telluride partially because of the subject matter and because of all the available photos.  Telluride is and has always been a very photogenic town so there is a lot to choose from.

Note how the New Sheridan Hotel changes over the years!

One thing that has always puzzled me about the photos of the New Sheridan Hotel located on main street in Telluride, Colorado is how it changed.  If you note in the older photos of the, then, Sheridan Hotel the 2 story building attached on the left of the 3 story structure is present.  Then as time progresses through what would appear to be the 50/60’s the 2 story part has disappeared.

New Sheridan Hotel, Telluride Colorado

New Sheridan Hotel, Telluride Colorado 20/30’s

New Sheridan Hotel, Telluride, Colorado 50/60’s

Poof! The 2 story part of the  New Sheridan Hotel In Telluride Colorado reappears!

Now if you look at the modern photo you will see that the 2 story section of the now-called New Sheridan magically re-appears except with a extra window in the end wall facing us.





New Sheridan Hotel, Telluride Colorado

New Sheridan Hotel, Telluride, Colorado, modern days!

Making a living painting the New Sheridan and downtown Telluride Colorado.

This story just would not be complete without mentioning Roger MasonRoger is a Summer time icon on Colorado Ave (Main Street) in Telluride.  He has painted countless oil painting of the downtown strip with probably 90% focused around the New Sheridan and I have witnessed folks buying his paintings right off his easel with the paint still wet.  I am sure that the New Sheridan on main street Telluride, Colorado is not his only selling subject, but I am sure it is his best.  The New Sheridan also has a lot of his work show cased in the Hotel, take the elevator down to the Basement!!

Roger Mason, painter of the New Sheridan Hotel and downtown Telluride, Colorado.  Let us know if you like this on our Facebook Page, thanks!

See Yah in the Hills!


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