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A historic Archeological Artifact from the San Juan Mountains!

So I had picked up this Artifact !

Sounds like the start of a cheesy joke.  But I had been reminded that many a year ago, I had some folks and we where having a picnic at the remnants of the Mountain Queen Mine, very top of California Gulch, famous for the Steam boiler standing (But no longer) right by the side of the road, when I picked up one of several of these I found laying around.

They are mostly Lead and makes me think that they where part of some sort of Battery!


Intrigued me because it looked, to me, that there was an imprint of a Eagle, and made me think that it was of German origin.


So I stumbled across this the other day while cleaning up my Rust Collection, and soaked it in some vinegar to try and get a better look, still not sure if this is really an eagle.


So I tried to clean it a bit more and worked some Graphite into it.


And tried some different things to try and enhance the imprint.


But the more I tried the less like an Eagle it looks. when I asked my family the see a Spade and a Cross. I kind of see a Skull anymore.

So what the heck do you see?

  Would love any feed back on our Facebook page that you might have.  By the way all these photos are at full size, if you click on them they will blow up so you can really get a close look, that is why I wrote this silly post !!!!
See Ya in the Hills!

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