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A Summer of meeting some of my dearest Facebook Friends.

Face to Face with Facebook Friends.

So after a long busy and complex Summer, things seem to be winding down and it is time to refocus towards working on this Blog.  One of my favorite parts of working online is the Social part and the many friends made on Facebook and such, but often I never get to meet these folks Face to Face.  So one of the highlights of this Summer has been getting to link up with a number of my facebook friends and having some real face to face interaction and sharing some 4×4/off-road Alpine Adventures with them.

John F Dixon

John was the First friend I got to hook up with this spring.  He showed up in June when in a normal year we would have not been able to go very far because of snow, but this year we went every where to include Kindle Mountain, Black Bear  twice and even Poughkeepsie  Gulch.  John brought out his mildly modified JK Rubicon Jeep and wanted me to help guide him around the San Juans.  Turns out John was a great driver and did it all, way to go john!

 Janett  the Photo Phreak on Facebook.

The next long time Facebook friend I got to meet was Janett Jacobson and her hubby who came to the San Juans and Ouray on their anniversary and we got to take a rather interesting trip to the top of Imogene Pass where she got to be a Photo Phreak in a big way!

Nena Barlow of Barlow Jeep School and Barlow Jeep Rentals!

Nena is the 4×4/offroad/Jeep Queen and we have been buddies on Facebook for a long time and when she told me that she was making a trip through the San Juans with her 2 boys I did my best to hook up with her.  We ended up crossing paths in the Ghost town on Animas Forks near Silverton Colorado!  Was great to meet her face to face!

The Telluride Film Fest Rendezvous with Diane Devin and Lynda Kluck Facebook Buddies.

I actually met Diane and Lynda last Summer while giving a tours, but we have been Facebook buddies ever since and when the made their annual trek to Telluride for the Film Festival we hooked up and went on a spectacular all day tour.  Was sure great to see them again!

Well Summer nears its end, but I think I have a few more Facebook Friend meet-ups to come so stay tuned!

Be sure to follow us on Facebook so we can become friends and hopefully meet face to face also!

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