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“A summer Ride” By Tom Thompson 10/12/90


Dedication:To Clay & Bill & Fred…

And all my friends in Ouray,

I thank you all for the memories

May God smile on you always….


“A summer Ride”


At eight AM we climb aboard

A bright red Jeep outside the door.

Our driver promises we won’t be bored.

We’re going up where Eagles soar.



 Beyond 13,000 feet we’ll ride

Through old ghost towns and mining camps.

We’ll see Marmots by our side

And maybe hear the Pica’s sigh.


 Bear Mountain on a sunny morning

Sends my poor tired heart a soaring.

Nothing in nature is as great a sight

As seeing that bear on the mountainside.


 Black Bear Road is to my right,

Winding up and out of sight.

It,s the roughest road in the universe

And known to make a 4-wheeler curse.


Ingram Falls is on the other side,

And getting there is quite a ride.

But Telluride is reached by noon,

And to many folks, It’s none too soon.



After lunch we climb to Imogene Pass.

The view from there will make you gasp.

The Red Mountains shine brightly to the right

While Mt. Sneffels is touched by evening light.


Past Camp Bird Mine we bounce along,

And to our jeeping journey we bid so long,

But I’ll be back again next year

The San Juan Mts. are very dear.


by Tom Thompson



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My Book about Imogene Pass!


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