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“The house of Imogene” Pass, by Daryl W. Ball

” The House of Imogene” Pass-

My dear daughter was cleaning off the bookshelves in our office when she found this poem written by Daryl W. Ball.  Who is Daryl W. Ball?  I am not sure myself.  It is a original hand typed sheet of paper so I imagine one of my customers, I would assume that it was Daryl, must have given this to me back when a typewriter was still in use.  I would also assume he rode over Imogene Pass with me, or maybe drove himself, but anyways gave me a original of this poem, which follows as it is written before me-

“The House of Imogene”


Spend all the time you can,

There is no better view ,

You are on “The House of Imogene”,

But you are only halfway through’!


As you descend, you take your chances,

The day I went, the clouds surrounded,

I felt my way, and what a day,

Alas “Camp Bird”, another mining town!


Yellow Rose on Imogene Pass!

Yellow Rose on Imogene Pass!

Clouds gave way to gully washers,

The kind you seldom see,

“Camp Bird” gives you many choices,

of where one oughta be!


Suddenly I stopped to see,a long shelf road ahead of me,

this place resembled Niagra Falls,

My heart fell quickly to my knees,

I couldn’t stay, and I couldn’t go!


“The House of Imogene” was testing me,

A test I nearly failed,

I remembered where I had been,

And where I needed to be!


The Hung over Road on Imogene Pass!

The Hung over Road on Imogene Pass!

I slowly let up on my brakes,

And started across Niagra Falls,

Just one more shelf,  the only way,

And many gone before me!


That test was finally over,

I made it in one piece,

I was boldly reminded,

You are in “The House of Imogene”!


More beauty on either side,

As I descended her stairway,

Abundant challenge on this trail,

The choices made, depend on only me!


Suddenly, after wondering,

Just where the challenge ends?

I was given one last choice,

Through the stream, or across a bridge!


Having tested every part of me,

This “House of Imogene”,

And rendering all her beauty,

Forget the bridge, I took the stream!


If you ever happen upon a lady,

By the name of “Imogene”,

Remember, beauty is only skin deep,

In “The House of Imogene”!


Darryl W. Ball


P.S.  I am glad he took the Creek Bed over the Bridge, how better to top off your trip over Imogene Pass!!! ~Clay~

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