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The Legend that is Poughkeepsie Gulch #3

As you pass the Lake-

Not far past the Lake you will run across the end of the new bypass of the wall, I would like to discuss this subject at length, and my beef with it, but I think I will save that discussion till we get to the other end of it.  Just keep in mind, what follows is what you would be missing if you took this turn!

Be careful around that crazy 4×4 corner.

As you are starting the incline down there is this one crazy section with several options, pick and choose wisely.   I usually have gone around the last Switchback instead of just dropping off the other options, but that corner is interesting with its own ledge to deal with.  If you just try turning down this thing, it gets a bit exciting, especially in a tipsy Pinzgauer.  I turn into it, then back up and try to align the rig so it drops more straight off the ledge, but it is still exciting.  I think it is the most exhilarating part of this whole off-road/4×4 trip so just be careful!!!

The Bog!

Eventually you will drop down to where you have no option other then climbing up and over this big(I mean BIG) rock and if it has been wet you can see where there is a Bog Hole you could sink into if you didn’t climb up the rock.  Well that was where my friends in the little pick-up had buried themselves, if you remember that story from my first segment.  I think somehow they had fallen down to this point in their 2-wheel drive truck, and could not climb the rock or climb back up the road, and as a last resort tried their luck at the Bog Hole.  It kind of looks like if you could get through the Bog you could keep going on down the Gulch, but I kind of doubt it. I rescued the two kids and their folks, then climbed the Rock with a Jeep J-20 Tour Rig and took us all down to Ouray and that was my first tour to fall down Poughkeepsie Gulch.

There are basically two places to climb up this rock, the lower one appears to be the easier route, but they both will get your attention, but are very doable as I have had P/U’s and Suburbans down here a number of times. Once on top of this Rock, you are given even more choices in paths to travel, all with their own interest and excitement.  I always enjoy this part as will you, I am sure.  But eventually you reach-

The Wall!

Talk about options! The option I would usually pick to get down this with a tour was to the far right as you approach, you could kind of fall down (but was impossible to climb) this real steep gully/chute sort of path that avoided the rock stuff, but apparently the “Powers that Be” decided that this was no longer an option and cabled it off.  So off the wall you must go!

Trust me no matter which path you choose, you will end up at the bottom, the trick is to keep the sunny side up and the greasy side down when you reach the bottom!  The path these guys are taking in the video is the easiest way up or down the wall, but the path, just to the left of the Purple Jeep (the center option) is the most exciting and is what will be directly in front of you as you approach coming downhill.  Whichever way, please be careful!

This is looking down the Center option, through the windshield of Gramps the Pinzgauer. We didn’t go down this way by the way!

 Well there you go, you fell down the Wall, but not to worry there is some more fun ahead in “The Legend that is Poughkeepsie Gulch #4”  

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