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The Yellow Monkey Flower

Often called a Seep Monkeyflower.

They really do love their water, and when you find them growing in the San Juan Mountains you can be assured this wet area is a spring or a constant supply of water.  These photos where taken at the Drinking Cup spring heading towards the Camp Bird Mine.

Yellow Monkey-flower (Mimulus guttatus) – Figwort Family

Yellow Monkey-Flower’s bright, yellow, spotted petals draw immediate attention. Delicate hairs cover the three lower lobes of the corolla and, together with the orange spots, help to attract insects pollinators. Close examination of the stigma reveals two roundish lobes which are spread apart. When one of these lobes makes contact with a pollen-laden bee, the two stigma lobes immediately begin to come together like the leaves of a book. The pollen will thus be held firmly and when the bee backs out of the flower, no self pollination will occur. The square stems have opposite leaves and are quite fragile because of their hollow structure.

And it looks like the Face of a Monkey, don’t you think?

     See Ya in the Hills!