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Then & Again Photography- ST. PATRICK’S CHURCH • telluride, colorado

St Patricks Catholic Church in Telluride Colorado.

St. Patrick`s Catholic Church was organized in 1896 with Father C. O`Rourke as pastor. The church was built at a cost of $4,800. St. Patrick`s has prospered and flourished and now has a membership of about 90 families.  Located at 8,750 feet in the exquisite Telluride valley high in the San Juan Mountains of southwestern Colorado, St. Patrick’s Catholic Church serves the historical community of Telluride, Colorado.  Here is a Great little Historic Blurb on their web page -LINK-

St. Patricks Catholic Church in Telluride Colorado Then!

The Catholic Church in Telluride is Raised!

When I took the “Again” Photograph of the Telluride St Patrics Catholic Church is was under renovations and was actually raised and  suspended with out a  foundation as a new one was constructed.  This is a common site in Telluride as any “Historic” building in town can not be torn down, the structure has to be maintained to a certain extent.  Often these old structures are setting on big rocks as a foundation, so they are lifted and in the process often end up with a basement in the process.  Follow this LINK to a  Slide show with many views of the Telluride, Catholic Church as it looks today to include interior shots!

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