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Tip #3, Manual V.S. Auto Trannys

So this issue has once again been in my face as I had a Automatic Transmission give me hard ache going up Corkscrew Pass as it would do dumb things like jump out of low into second and stick there.  Darn Things!!!  I am real old school!  I prefer a Manual Transmission because I like to “Drive” my vehicle.  The more automatic they become the less I like them.  It will be a sad day in my opinion when you just climb in and push a button, and climb out at the other end.  You might as well ride a train!  But I am getting a bit Sci-Fi,  but non the less, I like to pick a gear and know that it will stay in that gear till I change it.  I like the direct connection of a manual transmission and how it holds you back going down hill and the feel of letting out the clutch and knowing exactly when the vehicle is going to move and being able to regulate how much power is being applied to the tires.  Control!!  I guess I am a control freak.

Auto fans tell me how much safer a Auto is to drive in tight situations, only having to deal with 2 pedals.  I tell them they just need to learn how to Toe & Heal. ( note I was polite and didn’t say they need to learn how to DRIVE)  Toe & healing means turning your right foot in such a way that you can hold the brake with your heal and apply throttle with your toes.  Then you can use your left foot to slowly engage the clutch and apply gas with your toes and then let up with the brake at the appropriate time for instance when you are sure you are in the right gear and moving the direction you would like instead of over the edge!  Yes, this takes some practice and I wouldn’t suggest practicing this on the “Test” corner on Black Bear.  But after a little practice it will come as second nature and you will find yourself using in town at stops on a hill an such.

I do know one fact from personal experience, in all my years of driving (mostly with a manual by the way) I have only been stranded by a Manual once and I have literally lost track of how often I have been left hitching by a Automatic.  When a Auto takes a crap, there you sit, but even if the clutch goes out you can usually nurse a manual down a mountain.  Even if the engine will not start you can move a rig with the starter motor and a Manual ( Which I also just had to do, had to tape the safety switch on the clutch first) and if the starter motor or battery takes a dump you can easily push start with a Manual.

I have also heard some BS about power is magnified through a Automatic, which may be true and if you are Drag Racing this would be an advantage, but as far as I am concerned unless you are some wimpy 4×4

4 Speeds Rule, Autos Drool!

driver there are no real advantages to an Automatic Transmission, but feel free to comment if you have a different opinion, I want to hear it.  ~Clay~  Tell me your thoughts on our Facebook Page!

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