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When in doubt, Punch it out, NOT! Tip #2

When in doubt, punch it out.

There are times when you need to Punch it Out!

That was out favorite saying in high school, it sounds pretty macho, but not very practical, unless you are a mud bogger I suppose.  Do you remember the old Chevrolet “like a rock” commercials?  If you drove you rig like that for very long you wouldn’t have a working rig for very long!  What you need to learn is a feel for finesse, for example one of my favorite things to do in the early spring is a little drift busting.  The key is busting through a drift with out getting stuck so you head into the drift with a bit of momentum but let up as soon as you start to feel yourself digging in, then (gently) back out while you still can and repeat.  Each time you will get a bit further and eventually pop out the other side with out sticking yourself at 13,000 ft.    But finesse is knowing when to stop and back out and romping on it will just bury you and you will learn another skill called “digging your self out”!

When to Hammer Up!

Another trick I have developed over my many years of driving on real slick and icy roads is  to hammer up.  It is a natural tendency that as soon as you feel your tires start to break traction under acceleration to apply more throttle, so the tires spin faster and you have less control and you still are slowing down.  That is what we can call the Hammer Down effect.   So next time you find yourself in that situation, force yourself to let up on the Gas or hammer up.  What you will find is that the tires will start grabbing some traction if you give them half a chance.  You will also learn that usually this will be true in mud and loose dirt.   Raw horse power is not the answer to all situations.

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